Sunday, June 9, 2013

Still loving birds

I have come back to this blog after a long gap, because I often want to share my bird sightings from my walks.  I've changed the template and will make other changes no doubt - I'm a more experienced blogger nowadays.  My other blog is at  where you can find my experimental art and craft.

One of the places I love best to walk along is by the Torrens River.  Margins, edges of habitat - here, edge of suburbia next to a river - hold lots of wildlife.  Today a solitary female Australian Magpie was not bothered by a gang of Noisy Miners who kept crowding her, following her stately walk in their excitable manner.  They are both native Aussies, but we have lots of introduced species; the plain old pigeon, known here as Feral Pigeon, has beautiful iridescent neck feathers as gorgeous as any bird.
©Christine Linton

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