Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ibis - having fun

Around here, we have lots of ibis; in fact they can become a problem, simply because so many of them gather in small areas and end up fouling the water and smelling.  Personally I find their dignified walk attractive, with their sudden thrusting of the long curved beak into the riverbed or grass for a tasty morsel.  Yesterday I was able to take some photos of a group of about 15 or so, which had congregated on the nearby reserve by the clubhouse.  The wheelie (rubbish) bins had been left with their lids open, and the ibis had taken advantage of this, being natural scavengers like many birds.  The one on the far left has his head right in the bin.  One near the centre is coming in to land.  There were lots of others making their way over to the bins; an unleashed dog scattered them all once and I had to wait until they reassembled - that didn't take long!
©Christine Linton

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