Monday, July 29, 2013

Ravens nesting

It's still mid-winter in Adelaide but I have seen nesting behaviour - gathering sticks, courting displays and so on lately.  Yesterday on my walk home, I notice two Little Ravens on top of a Stobie (telephone) pole, one of them with a large multi-branched twig in it's beak.  They were being dive-bombed by a gang of Noisy Miners.  Noisy Miners do seem to pick on certain birds and gang up on them; they maybe have their reasons, but it's commonly seen around Adelaide.  Anyway, the Raven with the twig eventually flew away, and it's mate stayed to take the flak from the Miners.  There were about 6 or 8 of the Miners.  I've also watched them dive-bomb my cat as soon as it walked out the door into the garden, and often seen them pick on Australian Magpies and other birds - size is no object, a Raven for example is twice the Miner size.  They will also appear to deliberately annoy a single Magpie or pigeon, whether on their own or in a gang.  Entertaining for me but not for their victim, I'm sure.  Here is my sketch.  The Raven's body is a bit short, but you get the idea.
Little Raven being dive-bombed by a gang of Noisy Miners ©Christine Linton

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